An Escape Room is the ideal way to spend your Easter

Easter Sunday fast approaching and not got any plans yet?

The family put you in charge of making group plans for April 17thth and you forgot?

Just not sure an Escape Room is your thing?


Well, then, have I got news for you.

An Escape Room is, in fact, perfect for the Easter holiday.



They’re not boring, by any means


Excited about Escape Rooms!

Like I said. Gripping story lines. Immersive set-ups. Challenging puzzles. Demanding tasks. And of course, the clock ticking down to zero.

If you make an Escape Room your destination this Easter, the only thing you will be guilty of is the murder of boredom.


They’re a group activity by design


An Escape Room is a team activity

The games are designed to encourage interaction between the members of the team, get them talking with one another.

Ten to one you’ve faced that annoying family member who keeps scrolling through their Snapchat feed and uttering single-syllable replies whenever someone talks with them.

There’s no way someone can keep staring at their Facebook feed and mumbling one-syllable replies in an Escape Room.


It’s indoors


Escape rain at an Escape Room

With the weather as it is, windy and with the occasional shower, a hike or anything outdoors is out of the question.

Whereas in an Escape Room you can leave the wind and rain outside and have a comfortable and enjoyable experience.


Suitable for everybody


All the generations at the Escape Room

The Escape Challenge offer a diverse selection of themes to choose from.

In practice that means an Escape Room is suitable for a wide variety of groups.

Date? – Yes

La Familia, with everybody from the grandparents to the grandkids? – Yes

Friends? – Most definitely, Yes

Any other situation I can’t quite remember? – Yes


Could there be a better choice for your Easter Day Out?