How Often Do We Change Out Escape Rooms?

We were open about 2 weeks the first time we heard this question. And it’s a logical question for someone to ask. They just finished a 60-minute challenge. Their heart is pounding, their adrenaline on high, after they solved the final puzzle to escape with 30 seconds left.

“When can we do it again?”

We opened Norwegian Job in the summer of 2015, and it was the only challenge within 90 miles of Rochester, MN. When someone came in with a group from their work and wanted to bring back their family, we didn’t have another challenge for them to do. You wouldn’t want to do the same challenge twice.

We opened our second challenge later the same year. Now people had the opportunity to come back a second time. The following year we expanded to another location and have since opened three more challenges at our north location. We now have five, but there is still that question of when the first one has run its course.

Until this past spring, Norwegian Job has always been our most booked room. Over 24,000 people have attempted an escape from Norwegian Job or Cartel Hostage Escape over the past three years. This means that the potential pool of people who haven’t tried one of those rooms is shrinking. We know that there are a lot of people that have completed all five of our existing challenges, and they can’t wait for another new mission to try.

We have decided to continue adding challenges to our north location, and retire our downtown location. The final date to schedule a mission at our downtown location is Sunday July 22nd. We will move everything to our north location at the end of July. We also have a new challenge planned for August at the North location. What is the new challenge? More on that soon…