2021 Byron Good Neighbor Days Puzzle Hunt!!

Thank You Byron!!

  • We had 31 groups signed up this year.

    • First group finished in 51:15
    • 21 groups finished
  • All of the groups that finished are posted below in the Leaderboard

    • We had defined the places by the group that checked in first, so it’s possible for a team to have a better time than a team that was placed ahead of them.
      • (That could happen if you went to Dairy Queen to work on the last puzzle, which more than one group did 🙂
  • Pictures are posted below for the groups that took one at the finish line.  If you have pictures/videos from any of the locations, we’d love to have them.  Send them to us on facebook/instagram/email.


Place Team Name Time
1 Dubs 0:51:15
2 Glass & Gals 0:52:09
3 Team Novey 0:53:10
4 Minnwinnie 0:58:56
5 Back to Byron 0:58:30
6 Team Clueless 1:12:04
7 Burton fam 1:11:57
8 Posse Puzzlers 1:13:53
9 Masey and Ellie 1:16:03
10 The Kusters 1:18:53
11 Team Travelers 1:26:00
12 LaserCats 1:28:00
13 The Bormann Clan 1:33:38
14 fallingtopieces 1:32:00
15 Taco taco Henry 1:04:02
16 Martinson Clan 1:33:36
17 The Meek and Mild 1:36:00
18 Thunder Clan 1:38:27
19 Fast & Furious Friederichs 1:37:00
20 Fiedler 2:02:23
21 Stotts Gots to Win! 2:07:00
  • Puzzle Hunt Challenge will start at 6pm on July 15th, 2021 (Thursday)
  • Teams must register in ADVANCE (Click on Sign Up and click on Puzzle Hunt Challenge)
  • This is FREE for all groups as part of Byron Good Neighbor Days
  • There is no limit to team size
  • We are using a new application to run the puzzle hunt
    • That means that each team will have their own game.
    • Each person on the team can log into the game together to see the clues.
    • You will have your own timer showing your time to completion
    • If you leave the game, you can jump right back in to the same spot
    • The game will store your clues as you find them
  • We will start at 6pm on July 15th.
    • At that time, everyone will receive a link to their individual game at the email address used to sign up for the group (if you don’t see it check spam)
    • The person who signed up can share that link with everyone in the group
  • There will be one puzzle for each location again, but there may be more than one clue in each location
    • There will be riddles to help you find the clue when you are in the correct location
  • All locations will be in Byron, though you will likely want a car since the locations are spread out
  • There is no penalty for incorrect answers on the site (answers will give you a hint of the format that it is expecting for answers)
  • Recommend a phone with a Maps application (ie Google Maps)
  • The clues may require searching when you get to the location, but there will be riddles to give you a hint
  • All of the clues will be visible without moving any items
  • Each team will receive their own link to the game at the email address they provided while booking.
  • A paper and Pen is recommended
  • Winner will be the team that completes the challenge the earliest.  We’ll also give out a prize to the team that has the fastest time, even if they aren’t the first to finish
  • Do NOT take the clues with you.  Recommend taking a picture in case you need it again later.
  • Puzzle Hunt will only run Thursday night from 6pm to 8pm to be eligible for prizes
  • If you have questions during the hunt, please reach out to Escape Challenge via Facebook Messenger

The first finishers will have their choice of gift cards from Bears Den and other local restaurants.  More information will be added soon.