What the Heck is an Escape Challenge?

You’ve heard people mention escape rooms for a couple years now, but you still aren’t sure what it is… turns out most people still don’t know…

Here’s how it works. You get a group of 4-12 people together. Your group chooses one of our fully themed challenges. Pick the one that sounds like the most fun for your group….

Your group is LOCKED in the room.

“Wait, am I really locked in the room?” No, not really. There is an exit button in the room that allows you to leave any time. It won’t impact the experience for the rest of the group.

“So we’re locked in this room, now what?”

Glad you asked. Each mission comes with a back story, a story that you need to work to complete. There will be things locked up, and things available to you. Your team will fan out, and search the room for clues. As you find items, you’ll put them together to open locks, find secret passages, and ultimately escape the room before the end of the 60 minutes.

We have different challenges, with different difficulty levels. Be advised, very few people can actually solve all of the puzzles and escape. Less than 30% of groups escape with three additional hints…

“What type of person pays to get locked in a room?”

Escape Rooms are perfect for
– Team Building,
– Family Adventures
– Church Outings
– Birthdays
– Sports Teams
– and pretty much any other group that likes puzzles and adventure!!


How does it work?

Each challenge has a different scenario and difficulty.  You choose the mission from the options below.

If you’re doing an escape room for the first time, or you have a group with kids? Creature Room is a great first choice, but none of our rooms require prior experience.  You can choose the mission that sounds like the most fun.  Do you want to try to disarm a bomb in an apartment complex?  Or do you want to attempt to save a doctor’s life in a hospital?  You choose the mission that sound like the most fun for you.

When you arrive, we will deliver a mission briefing.  This will set up your experience.   You will then be locked in a fully themed room with your team.  Our Game Master monitors your group with audio and video. Everything you need to solve the mission is already in the room. The Game Master can provide additional hints/clues as needed throughout the 60 minutes.

You can view the stats on each escape room by clicking on the mission stats button below. Every escape room has a success rate for groups that did it without any hints/clues, and a success rate for those that did it with 3 clues or less. We do not cap your clues. You can have as many as needed to have fun. The goal is to do it with as few as possible.

Our escape rooms are tech-free zones. No cameras or cell phones allowed! We will have a secure location for you and your team to store your personal items like purses, phones and keys – all you need is provided!
Please don’t spoil the fun and tell others the solutions before they get a chance to play! Our Game Master reserves the right to cancel play at any time with no refunds – please respect our space and our rules. Willful damage may be charged to the credit card on file.
For corporate, team or school group clients looking for team building or entertainment opportunities, we are happy to open during special days and times to accommodate your schedule – contact us for more information!

Yes.  Your safety is our number one concern.

While the doors are locked, you are never actually locked in a room.  There is a safety release inside the room for anything that you deem to be an emergency.

All exit paths are marked, with backup exit lighting in case of a power failure. We also have sprinklers and fire extinguishers throughout the building that are tested regularly.

There is always a dedicated Game Master monitoring each group.  Our Game Masters do not watch multiple groups at the same time, so if there were ever an emergency, they would know before you and alert you.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact us for a tour of the building.  We want everyone to feel safe at all times.


Our experience was wonderful!! The staff were amazing to work with, not only setting up my son’s birthday party, but also helping with the day of! The kids really had a lot of fun, the staff were kind enough to let us use space for opening gifts.

Jennifer B., TripAdvisor

We did Creature Room for an adult birthday party and we all had a great time! There were enough things to do in the challenge that everyone was able to participate and we all had fun! I highly recommend it!

maddieshaw17, TripAdvisor

Nate (the coordinator) is extremely accommodating. Had a great birthday party with a group of 7. Lots of clever puzzles to unlock.

willmR1012OY, TripAdvisor

I went with a group of friends for my birthday. We had a blast. It was fun and challenging. We are looking forward to trying the other Escape Challenge they have there!

bdaygirl30, TripAdvisor