Dr. Eugene’s Diagnosis is Closing

If you haven’t tried Dr. Eugene’s Diagnosis, you only have a limited time to make it happen.

Released in February 2017, Dr. Eugene’s Diagnosis was designed to be a extra-challenging room for escape room enthusiasts. At that time, we had built the Norwegian Job, Cartel Hostage Escape, and Creature Room. We had lots of our escapees that had done all of our challenges, and I had a fear that if we kept using the same difficulty, people were going to get better, and get out fast. So this room needed to be much harder, right?

Boy was I wrong….the first review for that room looked something like this:

Too Hard to be Fun

I was aiming for hard, but “too hard to be fun” stuck with me. This review was spot on. I had designed a room that required people to make too many assumptions. It didn’t have enough clues to guide people to how to use clues.

It was just too hard.

So We Changed It

So we went back in, and added new clues, some new puzzles, and made the room achievable. And within a month, we had a group escape with 0 hints, and 11 minutes left on the clock. It was achievable. But it’s still the hardest room we’ve designed.

In the past 4 years, only 17 groups have escaped without any hints. That’s right. Out of 742 groups, only 17 have been able to do it without hints. And only 17% of groups have solved it with 3 hints or less.

But at least now it isn’t too hard to be fun.

And now it’s going away to make room for our newest theme coming later this summer. (More on that in the near future, but we’re excited!!)

The question is, do you have the right group to do it? The final mission runs on May 31st.