Give the gift of Adventure this Holiday Season.


12 Days of Giving

For every $25 in gift cards purchased, we donated food items locally.

  • If you bought $250 in gift cards day one, we bought 10 boxes of cereal

This is what it looked like each day.

Click on “Tickets” and find a time that works for your group. Select the number of people in your group. Then select the date and time that works for your group. If you want a time that isn’t listed, give us a call.

All groups are private, so if you think you’ll have 4, but you might have 8, book 4 tickets to reserve your time.  Then we can charge the difference to your card when the other players are confirmed.

Yes, and No.  There is a lock on the door, but there is an exit button that you can push to leave for any reason during the mission.  The timer will not stop, and you can rejoin your team at any time.

No. You can sign up for any number up to 12 in your group.  All groups are private.  That means that nobody else can join your group.  If you have more than 12, give us a call, we have options for that too!

The pricing does vary based on your group size.  If you have 4 people in your group, it is $34 per person.  If you have 10 people in your group, the price drops to $27 per person.  You can view pricing in more detail on the PRICING page.

Get better friends…

…Just kidding.

Things come up.  People get sick.  It happens.  If you book 7 tickets, and only 6 people arrive, we will give you a voucher for a future date.  We don’t give refunds, but we will provide you with a voucher for the value of one ticket for each person that doesn’t attend.

Your friends and your thinking cap. No personal items are allowed in the room including purses and phones but we provide you with a secured locker for storage when you arrive. You also must fill out a waiver in advance. You can do so here.

The entire experience takes about 90 minutes. Show up 15 minutes prior to your scheduled mission time for your mission briefing. The door locks at your set mission time and does not open until you escape or the 60 minutes is up. There will be a 10 minute debriefing and photo op after the mission.

New Post-Covid Policy: Please wait in your car until all of your group has arrived.  Call (507) 322-0500 before entering the building so that we can be sure that the lobby is empty.

We recommend ages 10 and up to get the most of the experience. We do allow kids under 10 if you are selecting a private mission. Ages 8 and up are the same price as an adult. Under 8 is no charge as long as you have signed up for a private room.
We’ve had claustrophobic players do just fine in the past. Our rooms are generously sized, but only you can determine your level of claustrophobia. Keep in mind the mission can be left at any time.

Sorry no, the only way to experience Escape Challenge is to pre-purchase your tickets online in advance.  We will only accept online payments to reduce the transfer of physical money post Covid-19. 

There are no refunds but we would be happy to reschedule your group for a different time.  Just give us a call.

Yes. Contact us for availability. If the time isn’t a regularly scheduled time on our calendar, we will need to make arrangements to have a staff member be there at your preferred time.
No problem. We can help arrange your event. Just give us a call or shoot us an email and we can ensure that everything goes perfect.

Our rooms are now entirely handicap accessible throughout.  There are a couple of things in each room that may require someone to get into a top cabinet, or a compartment that may be challenging for someone in a wheelchair, but the beginning to end of the challenge is accessible to all.  We don’t have any challenges that requires you to crawl through a tight space (goodbye cartel hostage escape) that would make the challenge impossible to complete for someone in a wheelchair.

We are generally able to stay open when it is snowing (though we have recently been tested on this).

That said, we don’t want your group traveling unless they feel comfortable doing so.  We are happy to reschedule your group to a different date/time if travel prevents you from coming on your scheduled date/time.

As long as you call us in ADVANCE of your scheduled time, we’ll reschedule it to another day, or provide you with vouchers so that you can reschedule it when you figure out a new date.

Purchase generic voucher that can be used toward any future mission.

Click Redeem Voucher below! Enter your code. Then pick your mission