Protecting Our Customers and Our Employees

Escape Challenge Post Covid-19

We have had lots of time to consider the mitigation plan to make sure we do not contribute to the spread.  Together, with other businesses, we look forward to reopening businesses in Minnesota, and keeping our state safe at the same time.

We are anxious for an opportunity to get our employees back to work, and to provide a fun adventure for families that need to do something fun in a controlled environment.

Escape Challenge has made some changes to our normal business policies, but many of our normal procedures already put us in a safe position for customer, and employee, safety.

Our normal business policies were already very low risk

  • All of our groups are by appointment only – groups of people, usually families who live together, come as a group.
  • The maximum group size is ten, but the average group size is 6.
  • Each group is separated, they don’t have interactions with other groups that are at the facility at the same time.
  • If one group is in a room, no other group would go in there until it has been cleaned.
  • We have always provided hand sanitizer in every challenge for our customers. That will continue.

We will make the following changes to protect our customers

  • All groups will be private only.  There will not be any public groups.
  • Our customers will not be allowed to hang out in the lobby area. The lobby area will be cleaned every hour.
  • We have staggered our start times to ensure that the arrival times would be different for all groups.
  • Our scheduled start times have been spread out to be able to sterilize the entire adventure between groups.
  • We will ask customers to wash hands upon arrival, or use hand sanitizer, and before they leave our business
  • The time spent with customers is generally less than 3 minutes. We can maintain a 6-foot distance between employees and customers.
  • Customers will be required to wait in their vehicle in the parking lot until their scheduled time. They will be given a phone number that they can call when they arrive to ensure that we are ready for them to enter the building.  This will ensure customers arriving early or late will not come into contact with other groups.  

We will make the following changes to protect our employees

  • Enhanced focus on hygiene
  • Social distancing to reduce/remove time spent with customers
  • Masks/gloves provided for the sterilization of the challenges each hour
  • Prompt identification and isolation of sick persons
  • Communication and training for managers and employees
  • Continued focus on employee self-awareness of symptoms.
  • Process for notifying management if employees are experiencing symptoms

Private Escape Room Bookings

All Bookings are Now Private

Vouchers for Missing Group Members

You think there might be ten people in your group, but you aren’t sure?  No problem.  Book 4 tickets and select private.  You can pay for any additional when you arrive.  If any members of your group are feeling sick, leave them at home. If you book 4 tickets and one person gets sick, we’ll give you a voucher for the missing ticket. No need to make them come sick.

Hassle Free Rescheduling

We normally require 24 hours to reschedule a booking, but we will be changing to give you the ability to reschedule any booking up to 4 hours before a booking begins. We know that everyone is under a lot of stress and we do not want to increase this.

Stay Home If You Are Sick

Please stay at home if you are feeling ill. Let us know as soon as possible and give us a call at (507)722-2728, or e-mail us at Your health is of the utmost importance.

Show up on time

We will be less relaxed about allowing a group’s time to start late during this period. We know that things come up, but resets between groups will take us additional time for cleaning, so out of respect for other people’s bookings, please show up 15 minutes before your booking starts.