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Good evening. If you are watching this then death must finally have caught up with me. In the event of my untimely demise I have entrusted my team of lawyers to track down any and all of my living relatives and bring them to hear my last will and testament. You are all potential heirs to my fortune and vast estate.  However, my riches come at a cost. As you may or may not know I acquired my wealth through a life of archaeology, adventure, and historical research. At a young age I began to notice a disturbing similarity in the myths of the ancient cultures of the world.

As far back as the Sumerians it has been recorded that a gigantic meteor, known at the time as Nibiru, secretly orbits our sun in the far reaches of our galaxy. Once every 6000 years it’s orbit brings it dangerously close to Earth, the gravitational effects of which may cause mass destruction. It is believed that the last two times it passed by our planet coincided with the great flood spoken of in cultures across the world and the extinction of the dinosaurs. This was known to the ancient Egyptians, Olmecs, Sumerians, Mayans, and Babylonians and it’s return has been predicted by prophets throughout the ages including Nostradamus and Edgar Casey. Even modern scientists have predicted that such an object must exist to explain the strange elliptical orbits of the planets in our solar system, they refer to this anomaly as Planet X.

How Can You Help?

Fortunately for us the ancients also prepared a weapon to defend us against its impending arrival. I have spent my entire career collecting the pieces of this weapon and reassembling it in my home. However if I have passed on before it is time to activate the weapon the responsibility will fall to you my heirs. If you wish to claim my fortune you must only activate the weapon by midnight on Friday the 13th of this year. To do so you will have to find and use four sacred stones of power representing the four elements. Once activated you will need to use a focusing gemstone to combine their powers and repel the meteor once and for all. If you can complete this task you will inherit all that I have but be warned once you have accepted the task the door will not unlock until it has been completed. Good luck and godspeed.