Virtual Escape Challenge

Casino Office Diamond Heist

You have a one hour window.  Can you gain access to the casino manager’s office, and steal the rare Monkey Paw Diamond?  Search for clues, solve puzzles, and get access to the safe containing the diamond.

What is a Virtual Escape Challenge?

  • Interactive and exciting

  • Just like a real escape room, but play online

  • Play from home, with Friends, Family, and Colleagues, anywhere in the world

  • Independently search the room.

  • Find clues,

  • Unlock Locks

  • Find the Diamond before time runs out

How Does it Work?

Holiday Events for people all over the world.  The game is played in an internet browser.  Recommend for groups of 4-6 players. We can manage unlimited games at the same time.  If you are looking for an event for your holiday party of 5, 25, or 250, we can make it happen.

How Does It Work?

The Challenge of an Escape Room from the safety of home.

  • Everyone joins the ZOOM meeting provided by Escape Challenge in the booking confirmation.
  • All players can search the room and find clues and open locks.
  • Communication is key. The puzzles are easier if you talk through them.
  • A game manager will assist you the whole way, just like a real Escape Room Challenge.
  • A relatively fast internet connection is required. The game is played through an internet browser, not through ZOOM.
  • Ideally everyone will have their own device. A laptop or desktop computer is recommended.

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I have used Escape Challenge as a Team Building experience twice and will continue to use them for Team Building!

crh17, TripAdvisor

We had 4 people in our group and it was challenging with that small amount. But it was also a lot of fun and great for team building. I’d definitely do this again.

barbb926, TripAdvisor

Great for friends, co-workers, team building, family, just anything!!! Our friends happen to be the owners too & they definitely did a great job planning these events & coordinating the clues!!!! Definitely makes you think outside the box & use your brain a little.

Cassi H., TripAdvisor

The staff at HOPE Coalition had a fantastic time at the Escape Challenge, recently! This was such a good team-building exercise – challenging, thought-provoking, and so much fun! We all thoroughly enjoyed it!

C5085WAjos, TripAdvisor