One-of-a-kind BIRTHDAY ADVENTURES in Rochester

Make this birthday one to remember!!

Fully Immersive PRIVATE Adventures

Why host a boring, run-of-the-mill living room party with cake and punch when you can give your party-goers an experience designed to be remembered. Together, for 60 minutes, you’ll all become elite operatives on a life-or-death mission to save the world. Accept a mission, work together as a team to find the clues and solve the puzzles. Are you up to the challenge?

escape challenge

The BIRTHDAY everyone will be talking about.

  • Every group hosted by a dedicated Game Master.
  • Meticulously detailed Mission Rooms, tailored for each mission.
  • Missions available for large and small groups.
  • A variety of missions difficulties are available.
  • Always Private missions available for your event!
  • Find clues, solve puzzles, find secret passages, and complete missions!


Our experience was wonderful!! The staff were amazing to work with, not only setting up my son’s birthday party, but also helping with the day of! The kids really had a lot of fun, the staff were kind enough to let us use space for opening gifts.

Jennifer B., TripAdvisor

We did Creature Room for an adult birthday party and we all had a great time! There were enough things to do in the challenge that everyone was able to participate and we all had fun! I highly recommend it!

maddieshaw17, TripAdvisor

Nate (the coordinator) is extremely accommodating. Had a great birthday party with a group of 7. Lots of clever puzzles to unlock.

willmR1012OY, TripAdvisor

I went with a group of friends for my birthday. We had a blast. It was fun and challenging. We are looking forward to trying the other Escape Challenge they have there!

bdaygirl30, TripAdvisor

Your private group is locked in Dr. Frank N Stein’s Lab. Can they find their way out before Dr. Stein returns and makes them part of his next experiment?

Time starts ticking back from 60 minutes. There are clues throughout the room. Will they be able to solve the puzzles, find the secret lab, and escape before TIME…RUNS…OUT…?

The thrill of solving puzzles, opening trap doors, and completing the mission will make this the best birthday ever. (The won’t even know they spent an hour using math, science and observation to escape.)


How does it work?

The group arrives to Escape Challenge for their scheduled time. They are given a mission briefing that sets up their situation, and then they are placed in a fully themed room with 60 minutes on the clock. Can the team find clues, solve puzzles, and escape before time expires?

We monitor every room so that we can follow them through their mission. We can provide hints via an in-room monitor. While the challenges aren’t built for kids, we can provide them additional hints that allow them to complete the puzzles and progress through the mission.

We do suggest that participants be 10 and over.

We do require one adult for groups that are 15 and under.