The Next Norwegian Job: Casino Heist

Steve launched an underground casino. He’s terrorizing the world. Break into the casino vault and bankrupt Steve. It’ll save lives, and make you rich.


Bomb Maker’s Apartment

Just before you land back in Rochester, after hours of interrogation, the evil doctor informs you of the terrorist’s new plan to buy Uranium from an Arms dealer completely under the radar in Rochester, MN. It would be impossible to cover every location. Your team must sneak into the terrorist bomb maker’s apartment and find clues about the location of the meeting. Once inside the doors lock shut behind you. The deal is going down within the hour. There is a note on the table that reads “Welcome to my little game. I’ve left you a few puzzles to keep you busy before this whole thing blows”. Its a trap. You must figure out the location of the meeting, using clues from within the apartment, and then find a way to get escape and get that information back to your team before the meeting. Will your team escape?


Dr. Frank N. Stein’s Lab

You have just finished your residency, and have been invited to a dinner party at Dr. Frank N Stein’s home with the promise of being part of his newest experiment. You clink your glasses to toast, and that’s the last thing you remember. When you wake, you find yourselves locked in his study. While looking for clues as to how you got here, you find a clock counting down from an hour, and a hasty note of warning from Igor, “Only the Doctor and I have access to the exit, but I fear I may never leave this place”.

Escape Room Mission

The Private Collection of R.K. Ologist

Now Available!!

Jumanji meets 5th Element!!!

The world is in grave danger. Your deceased Great Uncle has acquired all of the pieces to save earth in his private collection. It is up to you to find and assemble the stones of power. Once activated, you will need to use a focusing gemstone to combine their powers and repel the meteor once and for all. If you can complete this task, you will inherit his vast fortune. Do you have what it takes to save the planet?