New Escape Room in Rochester MN

Here at Escape Challenge, we like to keep a bit of Halloween in our lives all year long.

When we first opened our Rochester Escape Challenge location on Bandel Road, we decided to create Creature Room 2016 to bring a little Halloween into every day of the year.

Creature Room 2016 is spooky-themed and fun for the whole family ages 8 and up. However, we felt it was missing something for the grown-ups, like us, who love the horror genre, classic monster stories, and of course PUZZLES. After talking to our customers, reading many of the classic monster novels, and watching a lot of monster movies, the idea for our newest room began to blossom.

Our newest room is inspired by Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, with a bit of Rochester flair. We are thrilled to launch Dr. Frank N. Stein’s Study. A new monster room for our older customers with creative puzzles, a brand-new story, and a few surprises along the way.

Dr Frank N Stein's Study

In our new room, Dr. Frank N. Stein has invited you to a dinner party at his home, in honor of the completion of your residencies. He raises a glass and toasts to your futures. You clink glasses, and revel in your accomplishments.

A beeping sound is heard, and with apologies, Dr. Stein must return to the hospital, but leaves you in the care of his servant Igor with a promise to return in an hour. Then, the room goes black.

When you wake, you find yourselves locked in his study. While looking for clues as to how you got here, you find a clock counting down from an hour, and a hasty note of warning from Igor, “Only the Doctor and I have access to the exit, but I fear I may never leave this place.”

Dr. Frank N. Stein’s Study is unlike any other room we have created. Nick, our resident computer wizard, has created all new puzzles; and Michelle, our dramaturg and scenic charge, has designed an environment that transports you into the world of our story. Together with our owners, Nate and Cindy, our team has designed new props and puzzles that will vex you and keep your mind churning until the very last moment. Can you escape Dr. Frank N. Stein’s Study?