Escape Challenge Gift Vouchers

Here's How to get Two Gifts for the Price of One So 2020, Am I right? It’s been a challenging year for everyone, personally, and professionally.  Small businesses and non-profits have been among the hardest hit.  Escape Challenge is no exception. It has been especially challenging to convince people that getting locked in a

Goodbye to the Creature

THE END IS NEAR The final days of Creature Room are counting down, which is always comes with mixed emotions for us.  Our team puts a lot of thought, energy, and devotion into creating new challenges.  And that's why a new challenge normally take months to complete when we start working on it. 

Escape Challenge Preparedness Plan

Protecting Our Customers and Our Employees Escape Challenge Post Covid-19 We have had lots of time to consider the mitigation plan to make sure we do not contribute to the spread.  Together, with other businesses, we look forward to reopening businesses in Minnesota, and keeping our state safe at the same time. We are anxious

What is the record time?

“What is the record time?” – the number one question we hear.  Everyone wants to beat the record, but escape rooms at The Escape Challenge are, well, challenging... Escape Rooms aren’t made to be easy, but consider the below groups: -Twenty minutes into the challenge, a guy pulls out a knife and starts cutting up

An Escape Room is the ideal way to spend your Easter

An Escape Room is the ideal way to spend your Easter Easter Sunday fast approaching and not got any plans yet? The family put you in charge of making group plans for April 17thth and you forgot? Just not sure an Escape Room is your thing?   Well, then, have I got news for

Things to do in Rochester

Looking for things to do in Rochester? Looking for things to do in Rochester? Well, then, you’ve come to the right place. While I by no means claim to present an exhaustive list, I have attempted to make this as comprehensive a Things To Do While You’re In Rochester guide as possible. First we

New Escape Room in Rochester

New Escape Room in Rochester MN Here at Escape Challenge, we like to keep a bit of Halloween in our lives all year long. When we first opened our Rochester Escape Challenge location on Bandel Road, we decided to create Creature Room 2016 to bring a little Halloween into every day of the year.

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